Lara is the complete opposite of Lumens. Lara is very athletic with quick reflexes [she is the jock to Lumens genius].  She is the fastest T'Bug and loves to show off whenever she has a chance, much to the enjoyment and amazement of other T'Bugs.  Lara's relationship with Lumens is that of a little sister who is old enough to make her own decisions no matter what her big brother tells her.  As annoyed as she can be at Lumens at times, she will come to his defense in a heartbeat. Despite her defiant, impulsive nature, Lara usually follows Lumens' direction but not without questioning every detail of his instructions.  This disturbs Lumens of course, but he extends more patience with Lara than he might with others because deep down, he envies her impulsiveness and energy and after all, she is his sister.




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Meet the T'Bugs...

Lumens is headstrong and a fussy perfectionist… a geeky genius type, with the analytical mind of an engineer.  He believes everything has its place and things don't happen without a calculated influence.  Spontaneity is not something he is comfortable with and avoids it at all costs.  He prefers to plan his life (and the life of others) so that he can clearly anticipate the results with little or no unexpected changes in the outcome.  Lumens projects an extremely confident facade, bordering on an arrogant compulsive disorder.  Although not well liked by most T'Bugs, his intelligence is understood and begrudgingly respected.



Bookworm is the wisest of all the T'Bugs.  He and Doc are the oldest surviving T'Bugs from the Great Escape.  Physically, Bookworm resembles a fat striped caterpillar where each stripe contains a tiny energy output port.  Through these ports other T'Bugs can extract knowledge.  When he sits up upon his haunches, we can see a computer monitor built into his chest.  Nearing the end of his long life span, he reads constantly, and may occasionally be found napping with his face buried in a book.  He moves very slowly and is very over weight from lack of exercise.  He can down load information directly from other T'Bugs and digitally scans everything he can get his hands on, filing all the information away in his hard drive.  He rarely leaves his little space just off the main room of the Technotorium, only coming out for an hour or two each day.

His appearances are mostly to lecture young T'Bugs on the story of the Technobuggies legacy; how they came to be, their ancestry and their challenge for survival.  A computer at heart, he is the complete source of knowledge and the only leader the T'Bugs have ever known.  Bookworm has led the T'Bugs since the Great Escape and is the arch nemesis of Surge, the leader of the robots who guard the Lab. Aware of his own failing health and imminent demise, Bookworm has reached out to a small group of young T'Bugs who might become leaders after he is gone. Other than Lara, he is the only T'Bug who sees Lumens for what he is and conversely, he is one of the only T'Bugs Lumens will listen too.


As we meet Webber, he resembles an old hand held calculator.  Starting out as an unassuming character with little self-confidence, Webber grows [literally and figuratively] throughout his life.  Webber is most suited to replace Bookworm as the intellectual leader of the next generation of free T'Bugs.  Other than Lara, Webber is Lumens' closest friend.  They spend hours together analyzing data.  Webber's inner workings enable him to tap a vast amount of data from the internet which he analyzes and ultimately provides a printed summary of information or a diagnosis.  However, due to his lack of confidence, he is initially reluctant to recommend a solution or provide an opinion. When we first meet Webber he has a small window display on his chest.

           Embarrassingly, any sizable load of information must squeeze out on a scroll of paper [a “data dump].

       Each batch of information released is accompanied by a grunting sound before a wadded up scroll of text is released from his back-side.  This causes some distasteful reactions from other T'Bugs who need to read the information.

A boom box beetle, Boomer just loves the music of the fifties and sixties.  Not only does he play his favorite tracks but he speaks using the lyrics from songs from his favorite playlist. He can also playback soundtracks or sound effects of things he has heard and recorded, which Lumens finds to be quite handy at times.  Boomer is street-wise and tough.  He is not afraid to mix it up with the “Bots”.



Doc is an elderly praying mantis physician with an illuminated heart monitor screen in his chest. Doc Bugsby is called anytime a T'Bug is injured or needs repair.

He carries a doctor's bag that opens to reveal rows of tiny  hand tool

         T'Bugs. When Doc says, “OK children, time to get to work,” these

           flying screwdrivers, wire cutters, and pliers leap into action and help him tend


              T'Bug patients.  Doc's workshop is at the rear of the Techtorium and contains the equipment he needs to keep the T'Bugs healthy.  Lumens does most of his planning in Doc's Workshop. Doc is also a bit of a hypochondriac/germophobe, which doesn't distract him from treating injured T'Bugs. However, causes him great anguish after he renders the treatment, hoping he didn't catch anything by treating the patient.  Because of this, he is always muttering to himself after each procedure… “Did I catch anything? Is that a rash developing?  Oh darn, I need disinfectant immediately!”



Surge is a lab coat wearing robotic lizard and leader of the “Bots”, as the scientists call them, short for "robots". He was designed and built ti be a robotic caregiver and to oversee the Lab in the absence of humans. His original mission was to care for the T'Bugs until scientists return.  Manufactured to the highest standards of the day, he was programmed to maintain control of the T'Bug population. Surge was given attributes his designers thought were adequate for this purpose.  He was constructed with one normal hand and one claw built for grasping things with a firm grip.  He possesses an extremely high sense of artificial intelligence.  His arrogance is only exceeded by his ego.  Always boastful of his superior construction and intellect, Surge is heard several times bragging, “I am comprised of over million precision made parts.  My hardware and software are assembled in an optimal fashion imbued with superior qualities, intellect and strength.”  Although not entirely his fault, Surge has failed miserably at his mission. Without supplies from the outside world, time has taken its toll on the Lab. The pressures of maintaining the deteriorating facility have cost Surge his sanity.  Devolving into a cruel master, Surge's rough treatment of the T'Bugs motivated their Great Escape, yet another reminder of his failure.  And Surge does not accept failure easily; it has turned him into megalomaniac questing for power. Surge sees the acquition of power to be his road to redemption. Thus was born his “Master Plan.”

Breaker is Surge's somewhat loyal and mostly dedicated servant.  He is a habitual complainer with an annoying squeaky voice.  Breaker has a love/hate relationship with Surge.  He is litterally a smaller version of Surge and was created to assist and protect his boss when necessary.  He does this with ingenious pop-up accessories that can appear with simply a mindful command.  His name not only implies his ability to help suppress Surge's over zealous ambitions but also because he is a bit clumsy and his best efforts usually have mixed results.  Surge has a low opinion of Breaker, which he is bitterly aware of, constantly mutters about Surge's abuse and unfairness under his breath.  Nevertheless, Breaker leaps into action whenever Surge calls.

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