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Dave is from Scotia, New York.  He is a former class clown who never outgrew his silly sense of humor.  When he is not busy making faces at babies or telling jokes, he writes and illustrates children's books. Dave teamed up with Tom Lemery over five years ago to write a screenplay for an animated movie.  As their creative juices began to flow, the lovable little critters known as T'Bugs were born.  T'Bugs is Dave's thirty-ninth book, all of which will leave you smiling.

Tom is from Glens Falls, New York and is a designer and photographer. When the opportunity came along to satisfy his never ending creative cravings, he jumped at the chance to work with his friend, Dave Ross. Tom and Dave, who is a gifted children's book writer in his own right, hit it off immediately spending much of their time laughing and joking as each and every T'Bug came to life.  Tom enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, reading to them and inspiring them to follow their own creative cravings.

T'Bug Dave "Sharpy" Ross

T'Bug Tom "Snapshot" Lemery